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An Appliance Repair Company Saved Our Thanksgiving Holiday

During the holiday season, its important to have a properly working appliance. Just like any other area, appliances break just as often.

Are you looking for appliance repair services in Spokane, Washington? Robinsons Appliance Repair – www.robinsonsappliancerepair.com has been serving the Spokane are for over 30 years. With the knowledge of their staff they can fix almost any broken appliance.

We had Noel come out and fix our broken gas stove right before Thanksgiving. If it wasn’t for his excellent repair skills we wouldn’t have had a Thanksgiving dinner since we only had one stove. The best part of the whole situation was that Noel reassured us that he would get our stove fixed the same day. When you are planning a huge meal for 15+ people, you must have a stove, without that stove I was stressing out. To my surprise the appliance repair services wasn’t that expensive. A small fee along with the cost of fixing the stove was all we had to pay and to have same-day services made it even better.

Appliance Repair in Spokane

I would highly recommend Robinsons Appliance Repair and because they saved our Thanksgiving holiday, we tell all of our friends and family members to use their service.

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